The unique story of why two brothers created Gandys embodies the spirit of travel, thankfulness and the power of giving back.

Because it’s Cool:

The essence of the Gandys brand is the wanderlust-consumed traveller.

They are best known for their bold flip-flops and utility backpacks. However, their range also includes lightweight t-shirts, crisp linen shirts, half-length shorts and colourful chinos for men, plus lightweight blouses, strappy vests and durable denim for women.

Their outerwear is designed to protect you in all weather conditions – waterproof, windproof and lightweight.

Because it Matters:

Gandys was started by two brothers who, along with their two siblings, lost their parents when the Boxing Day Tsunami hit Sri Lanka in 2004.

From this, Rob and Paul created the travel fashion brand Gandys. With every product sold 10 per cent is donated to their foundation, Orphans for Orphans.

They aim to build campuses around the world where communities can learn basic skills while feeling safe and supported. In 2016 they opened their first building in Sri Lanka to help Tsunami survivors and are focussed on building the next one in Nepal.