National Vegetarian Week: five reasons to take part

Today marks the start of National Vegetarian Week (Monday 15 – 21 May 2017). If you’ve been thinking about cutting down on meat, now’s the time to embrace vegetarianism. Here’s five reasons to get you started…

1. It’s better for your health

A lot of people already cut down on red meat after reports linking it to cancer, often replacing it with chicken – which now accounts for half the meat eaten in the UK. However, a new study has revealed that chicken can contain as much fat, gram for gram, as a Big Mac.


2. It’s better for animals

Intensive farming has increased to meet the demand of our twice-a-day meat habit. This system keeps animals in very confined conditions, chickens, for example, have living space equivalent to an A4 piece of paper. Chickens are also selectively breed to grow much faster than is normal – the RSPCA reports that if a newborn baby grew as fast as your average supermarket chicken, by her third birthday she would weigh 28 stone.


3. It’s better for farmers

If we ate less, farmers would be able to raise animals more slowly and humanely, and charge prices which reflect what it actually costs to raise an animal properly rather than rely on subsidies.


4. It’s better for your wallet

Buying no meat is cheaper than eating cheap meat. Once you introduce meat back into your diet, you can buy better quality meat, less often.


5. It’s better for the environment

Intensive farming systems contribute more to climate change than all forms of transport put together, as highlighted in Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cowspiracy, the Netflix documentary that has achieved cult status.


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Image credit: Sausage Party

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