How to make the ultimate Espresso Martini

In collaboration with FAIR.

Legend has it that the very first Espresso Martini was created in a Brasserie Soho in the 1980s when a famous model asked a famous mixologist for a drink that would “wake me up and f*ck me up”.

Dick Bradsell served her the caffeinated concoction and thirty-or-so years later it’s now so popular that London dedicated a whole festival to it earlier this year.

It is the most luxurious digestif for the party season and the beautiful thing is, once you’ve mastered the recipe it’s actually very simple to make.

In fact, one of our favourite methods has just five ingredients.

It’s the very drink that we served at our launch party in September. And FAIR. have kindly allowed us to share the recipe with you…



50ml FAIR. Vodka

50ml. FAIR Café

Shot of espresso

Shot of sugar syrup
(to sweeten to taste)

(fresh from the freezer, not melting you don’t want it to dilute)


Pour all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and give it a very hard shake
(this will give create the frothy top)

Strain into a glass

Garnish with coffee beans


Make another.


Enjoy responsibly.

P.S. Coffee is obviously a key ingredient here, so make it a good espresso shot – our favourites are Cru Kafe pods for those with Nespresso machines and Union hand-roasted coffee for those making espresso the traditional way.

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