Love food hate waste? Snack on rubbish

A staggering third of all food produced goes to waste across the world, but innovative entrepreneurs are finding new ways of reaping the benefits of what we throw away.

In the UK alone, up to 40 per cent of fruit and vegetables are rejected before they even make it to the supermarket – largely because of cosmetic reasons. Plus, £13 billion of food is wasted by UK households annually. Here’s just a taste of the companies who are rethinking how we consume – with appetising results…

1. Toast Ale
More than 45 million slices of bread are thrown away every year. Toast Ale has teamed up with bakeries and sandwich producers to use the leftovers to brew craft beer (for its yeast producing properties – it doesn’t affect the taste). Plus, all profits go to food waste charity Feedback.



2. ChicP
Made from beetroot, horseradish and sage to banana and cacao, these delicious pots of food-waste goodness will make you redefine what ‘hummus’ means to you.



3. Snact
Snact turn wonky veg into tasty fruit ‘jerky’, sold in compostable packaging. It’s made with 100% fresh fruit – no concentrates, additives, or preservatives – so it’s vegan and gluten free, as well as delicious.


Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 14.06.38

4. Rubies in the Rubble
The Rubies team create flavour-filled ketchups, relishes and jams using the surplus fruit and veg from UK farms. Try the pink onion and chilli relish, and the chipotle ketchup.

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