London’s Secret Garden Supperclubs

Cub Champagne Green Tomatos and Cocktail

Cub’s Secret Garden Supperclubs…

Already so far this year our summer has been pretty spectacular by British standards, with regular blue skies and optimistic forecasts that mean you can actually plan for BBQs and days at the beach.

And it’s about to get even better, as one of our favourite restaurants, CUB, has whispered its plans to host Secret Garden Supperclubs this summer.

We can’t tell you where they are – you’ll be given the postcode when booking but won’t find out the exact location until the day before your chosen event. We can’t even tell you what exactly you’ll be eating because that’s a surprise. But what we can tell you is that it’s sure to be an evening to remember. We can also tell you other vital information, including…

The dates:
Sunday 1 July, Monday 30 July and Monday 27 August (Bank holiday)

The people behind it:
Multi-award winning drinks supremo Ryan Chetiyawardana, more famously known as Mr Lyan, and his “PIC” (Partner in Cub) multi-award winning chef Douglas McMaster, head chef of Brighton’s acclaimed zero-waste restaurant, Silo.

The kind of food to expect:
Seasonal British fare is the order of the day as each menu will use hyperlocal produce grown on the site of the supper club.

The idea is a kind of ‘Al Fresco Cub’ experience, so expect a seriously tasty range of courses that weave between food and drink. I wouldn’t even try to predict what’s exactly going to be served up because when Mr Lyan and McMaster get together the only thing you can expect is wild and wonderful concoctions… the meaty dishes they can create with a mushroom and the flavours they can extract from seaweed have to be tasted to be believed.

The price:
£60 per person for all food and drink; from our experience McMaster and Mr Lyan are pretty generous guys.

The place to book:

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