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Pink Alaskan salmon, caught in the Pacific

(preferably with the MSC stamp of approval)

This is the most sustainable salmon because stocks are good. Also the fishing method (purse seine netting) has little or no direct impact on fish habitat, and there’s minimal by-catch.

Organic Atlantic Salmon, farmed in Europe

(certified by the Soil Association and/or RSPCA’s Freedom Foods)

Many wild fish stocks are in a perilous state, including Atlantic salmon. So, from a consumption perspective at least, fish-farming seems to be meeting demand. However, it needs to be managed carefully so as not to disrupt natural behaviour and eco-systems.


Non-organic Atlantic Salmon, farmed in Europe

(Scotland, Ireland, Norway)

At present more fish is required to produce feed for this salmon, than is produced by farming them. Also, the by-products of non-organic farming is negatively impacting fish in open seas.



Farmed fish and shellfish now accounts for over 50% of consumed seafood.

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