North East or North Wast Atlantic cold-water prawns

(look out for MCS approval)
Dublin Bay prawns from the Irish Sea

Abundance is fairly stable in these areas and by-catch is minimal

Organic Farmed King Prawns

(i.e. Duchy’s from Waitrose)

Their feed comes from fisheries that provide humans with food, so it’s of a higher quality. The negative environmental impact is also less when farming these prawns.


Non-organic farmed king prawns
From: Latin America, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Central America, South East Asia, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia
You can’t trace where the prawn feed is coming from, so you don’t know what you are putting into your body. Plus, the industry isn’t regulated in terms of environment or, in a lot of cases, workers

Giant River Prawns from Bangladesh
The feed used in production is not traceable to any managed or sustainable supply and the regulation of the industry needs improvement.


Prawns from Thailand are linked to slave labour. And they’re fed rotting fishmeal to grow plumper, before being served as big, fat, juicy prawns on your plate…

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