Five of the best vegan fashion brands for 2019

With Veganuary still one of January’s biggest talking points, we’ve pulled together our top five pieces from five stylish vegan fashion brands…


This utility jumpsuit is made from 100% Tencel, a low impact material made from wood pulp.

Vildnis understand the importance of sustainable fashion and are a champion of sustainable and renewable fabrics such as Tencel and Modal. They also strive for complete transparency in their supply chain to make sure they stick to high manufacturing standards.


This PETA approved vegan handbag brand keeps it youthful with forward thinking materials.

Wilby never uses real leather in their products and they largely opt for organic and eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and lining, recyclable cloth, eco-friendly backing and cork leather.


Beyond Skin
Beyond Skin produce vegan shoes that don’t compromise on style.

Designed in the UK and manufactured in Spain, Beyond Skin is a brand that produces small batches of each style in an attempt to minimise waste.


Noumenon chooses modern fabric alternatives for classic styles.

Noumenon manufactures in small batches to reduce waste and when possible they choose NOT to blend their fabrics so that they can be fully recycled at the end of their life!


Predominantly made from recycled fishing nets and water bottles, ECOALF use what we already have.

ECOALF are doing their part to reverse the damage we inflict on the planet.are determined to improve the standards of our oceans. They recycle plastic bottles and fishing nets to create their coats and bags and work with fishermen and global communities to educate on plastic pollution.

This article has been updated from an post we published last year.

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