Style with substance: top sustainable brands ahead of London Fashion Week

Komodo menswear

From the street to the gym, fashion has never looked (or felt) so good thanks to an emerging trend of independent designers doing it right.

We’ve all heard the “fast fashion” stats – a staggering 150 billion garments produced in a way that reduces skilled tailors to slaves. For, a factory where one tailor only makes collars and another only makes sleeves for their whole lives is the most efficient way when pursuing quantity over quality. And these seamstresses (yes, mainly women) obviously can’t be paid a living wage when there’s a £20 dress to be sold and profits to be made.

But there’s a whole host of up-and-coming labels spanning knitwear, shoes, swim, accessories, sleep and contemporary fashion who refuse to conform to this exploitative model, and have an amazing story behind them.

You can find a full list of the brands redefining the fashion landscape thanks to their unique aesthetic and appeal on our fashion pages, but here’s some our favourites we have discovered most recently:


Cauz bike image

Cauz: This unisex loungewear brand came to life after founder Rob Lyon survived the Westminster terror attack in 2017. The moment was, of course, life-changing, and so are his collections, with each design helping to improve the lives of others.


Cred Jewellery diamonds

Cred: Love doesn’t have to cost the earth. Cred is leading the lab-grown diamond movement, beautifully crafting everyday items of jewellery that have a story to tell and bespoke engagement and wedding rings.They were the first company to use Fairtrade silver and the first to bring Fairtrade gold from Africa to the UK.


Gung Ho food for thought

Gung Ho: Environmental activism woven into what you wear. Gung Ho attracts attention for their bold designs, but their collection of fun and flirty pieces also has depth. Look closely and you’ll find a secret message of change.


Elvis & Kresse

Elvis & Kresse: Elvis & Kresse has rescued and transformed all of London’s damaged fire hoses since 2005, transforming them into handsome luxury accessories. They now have a partnership with Burberry, creating beautiful items using their leather offcuts.


Komodo: Contemporary, affordable and perfect for every daywith a fresh and modern aesthetic. Style and ethics never meshed so well. The original ethical fashion brand, since 1988, has entered an exciting new chapter for 2019.


Leticia Credidio

Leticia Credidio: Luxury sleepwear that helps overstimulated city workers embrace the positive power of sleep. Leticia Credido’s bold, nature-inspired designs offer a radically refreshing aesthetic to wear to bed.


Mantis World


Mantis World: Remember the recent Spice Girls ‘gender justice’ t-shirt fiasco? Well, Mantis World has been using organic cotton in its off-the-shelf ranges from 2005. They have always had a strong focus on an ethical supply chain and have committed to using 100% sustainable fibres by 2021.


Mayamiko orange dresses

Mayamiko: Mayamiko’s vision is to help you build a stylish and meaningful wardrobe. This playful range of versatile cuts and silhouettes has extraordinary origins and makes a positive impact on people and the planet.


Pala eyewear

Pala: Stylish sunglasses, made with love. Pala’s range of innovative designs use both recycled and bio-based acetate. Not only are they bang on trend with style and ahead of the curve with their use of plastics, but each purchase also supports life-changing vision projects in Africa.


Po-Zu shoes

Po-Zu: A stylish edit of versatile footwear. Po-Zu is steamrolling through the conventional footwear market with 100% natural Vegan materials including coconuts, pineapples, and apples to a stylish effect. Redefining the everyday sneaker.



Riz: The Savile Row for the sea, Riz offer a soulful, sartorial, and sustainable approach to men’s swimwear. The swim shorts have an ‘old school’ tailored feel but use the latest recycled fabrics and digital print techniques to create a contemporary edge.


Valentina Karellas

Valentina Karellas: Not one thread wasted. Beautiful, unique knitwear creating a sustainable approach to urban chic and London’s antidote to fast fashion. Each piece is handmade to order and one of a kind.



Vildnis: Think striking bespoke prints, bold silhouettes, and quality fabrics. Vildnis offer an ultra-wearable everyday capsule collection for effortless style. Contemporary, edgy and accessible.Its only point of difference from conventional fashion? Vildnis is easy on the eyes and your conscience.

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