From food waste to sustainable fashion: orange isn’t the new black, it’s the new silk

Can you imagine a world bags are made from discarded pineapple leaves, scarves are made from orange peel and yoga clothes are made from coffee waste?

This is not a crazy vision of a utopian future. It’s the world we already live in.

A staggering 1.3 billion tonnes of food is thrown away across the world each year, but exciting innovations are starting to combat this. Even textile manufacturers are getting the by-products of food production all sewn up…



1. Piñatex
This strong and flexible leather-like material is being created from pineapple leaf fibres in the Philippines by the UK-based Ananas-Anam. It can be used to make everything from shoes, to dresses and to furniture. The black clutch bag pictured is available to buy here.


2. Orange Fiber
In Italy, Orange Fiber is spinning some of the one million tonnes of citrus peel discarded every year into a soft and shiny silk-like material. Apparently the material retains some of the Vitamin C to nourish the skin for up to 20 washes. Salvatore Ferragamo is the first fashion house to use Orange Fiber fabrics, find out more here.


3. Starseeds
This UK-based company are mixing used coffee grounds with recycled polyester to create yoga garments that they say draws moisture away from the body and absorbs odour. You can buy it here.


As well as being flexible and practical all of these natural materials are intrinsically sustainable as they are by-products of thriving food industries and don’t require any extra farmland, water, fertilisers or pesticides to produce.

So you can be what you wear, as well as what you eat.

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