DiscoMAKE: one night of stylish hacks promises to be the ultimate Shopping Hangover cure

Express your individuality by getting wild with wool, sequins and trimmings at DiscoMAKE

Words: Gabrielle Kynoch

Do you know how long the warm fuzzy high of your latest shopping splurge lasts? Apparently, it’s less than a day until half of us need our next hit.

It’s been diagnosed as the ‘Shopping Hangover’ by Greenpeace, who conducted the survey. Together with global platform Fashion Revolution they’ve created a cure…

For one night only, on Tuesday 5 December, DiscoMAKE promises to make you fall back in love with your existing clothes.

Michelle Lowe-Holder

A whole host of master makers will be parting with their wisdom on stitching, pattern cutting, embellishing, hand-dyeing – and pretty much anything else you can do to fabric – sharing stylish hacks and teaching you how to fix the pieces you truly love.

This isn’t your nana’s knitting circle, this is a knitting rave to help you get the most out of your garms and create something truly unique.

Knitting heavy weight Katie Jones will be there with a shed load of neon wool as will Michelle Lowe-Holder, an embellishment guru who will help you to pimp your jacket to reflect your bad-ass self.

The event is part of MAKE SMTHNG Week, a global antidote to Black Friday and Cyber Monday that runs from Tuesday 2 December – Sunday 10 December.

One of the hopes is that it will help fashion lovers to create a bond with our clothes – adding personality so that we can break the ideology that we constantly need new stuff to make us happy and to help us fit in. When 100 billion garments end up in landfill annually (with some that have never even been worn) it’s clearly a concept it wouldn’t hurt us to learn.

Fashion Revolution’s aim is to shake up the fast fashion industry, shedding light on the plight of garment workers behind popular high street brands by starting the trend of asking #WhoMadeMyClothes. They are also behind the new hugely visual and compelling fanzine Loved Clothes Last and are supporting the film release of River Blue that explores the impact of the denim dyeing process on the environment.

DiscoMAKE will be hosted at Mercato Metropolitano, SE1 (closest Tube Elephant & Castle)

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