Menu: Wild, British produce with a Kiwi twist
Vibe: Casual and friendly
Great for: Brunch, lunch, groups of friends
Price: ££
Vegan/Vegetarian friendly: Better for vegetarians than vegans
Signature dish: Wild Rabbit Burger
Signature cocktail: Shane’s Bloody Mary (spicy)

Because It’s Cool: This canal-side restaurant is an instant hit from the second Edna comes running to the door to greet you and sits at your feet throughout your meal (if you’ll let her). This gorgeous British Bull Dog is five years old and was rescued by owner Shane, a New Zealander farmer who has settled in London with his second restaurant in Hackney.

Shane’s focus is on wild and seasonal food, including a lot of game. As such, the menu is ever-changing but you can expect the likes of Wood pigeon breast and fallow deer pave steak, beautifully cooked with buttered, mashed and puréed sides. Brunch offers hearty delights such as pancakes and fried buttermilk chicken, and you can get a hearty roast on Mondays as well as Sundays.

Because It Matters: Shane’s upbringing was entirely centred around foraging, fishing, hunting and shooting on New Zealand’s Bay of Islands – he didn’t even know food could be bought in shops until much later in life. He calls himself an ‘old school farmer’ – he likes to know the animals he serves have been reared and killed correctly.

Hugely knowledgeable and generous with his time, Shane is passionate about sustainability and has handpicked all his suppliers, including the woman who looks after her animals so well, she continues to name them despite being well-aware they are destined for the plate.

Did you know? Shane also offers foraging for beginners and wild butchery classes for those who want a dining experience with a difference.

Suppliers: Meat – Vicars Game, Cast Field Farm; Veg – Groundworks garden; Fish – Tony at Fresh-Fro London