Bonnie Gull mussels

Menu: Sustainable British Seafood
Vibe: Seafood shack in the city
Great for: Relaxed meal, neighbourhood feel
Price: ££ – £££
Vegan/Vegetarian friendly: More Pescatarian
Stand-out dishes: Fresh, seasonal seafood, oysters, langoustines, mussels
Cocktail triumphs: Classic G&T

Because It’s Cool:  

Borne out of a pop-up, the simple idea behind Bonnie Gull is to bring fresh British seafood to the city.

Co-founder Alex Hunter, from Edinburgh, wanted to recreate some of Scotland’s finest seafood restaurants serving high-quality food with a casual and fun seaside vibe.

Bonnie Gull’s menus change every day. One person’s sole job is to buy their fish – they speak with the fisherman to find out what’s in abundance and that largely dictates their menus.

The cocktail menus are as fresh as their seafood and also change with the seasons.

Because It Matters: 

Alex laments that fact that Britain eats so little fish – we are an island surround by water, after all!

Some of our best catches get sent abroad because we just don’t have the appreciation for less common types of fish in Britain.

When Bonnie Gull first opened they tried to celebrate the diversity of our seas and entice their customers to try different types of fish, but the public just wasn’t ready.

Now, thanks to rising awareness we’re slowly coming around and mild and meaty hake and notoriously ugly but tasty gurnard are rising in popularity.

Bonnie Gull may be giving the customer what they want but they stuck to its guns on its sourcing policy – only buying British fish, largely caught by more sustainable dayboats.