Blacklock steak and chips

Menu: Big hunks of meat cooked over charcoal
Vibe: Trendy steakhouse
Great for: Date nights and friend nights
Price: ££-£££
Vegan/vegetarian friendly: Only if you stick to sides – Blacklock make no bones about being all about the meat.
Signature dishes: Chops. Skinny chops, big chops – you name it, they serve it

Because It’s Cool:

A great British chophouse, with meat from rare and native breeds cooked over charcoal on their famous Blacklock Foundry iron.

They are as serious about their sides as they are their chops – offering the like of 10-hour ash roasted sweet potato and beef dripping chips.

The group now has three restaurants, one in Soho, one in the City and one in Shoreditch.

Because It Matters:

Blacklock buy their meat from Warren’s Butchers and buy the whole animal sharing the prime and lesser cuts with like-minded restaurants to make sure there is no wastage. For example, they will take the the chops and Smoking Goat will take the lamb belly.

Their wine flows on tap from kegs, which reduces throw away glass and carbon footprint from shipping.

They also offer bottles from environmentally conscious producers that are biodynamic or low intervention.

On the cocktail front they prioritise ethical producers and always use the whole fruit – the juice for cocktails, the rind for garnishes and make sherbets out of the pith.

Did you know? Blacklock offer ‘Butcher price Mondays’ (big chops at butcher prices) and some cocktails for a fiver.