Considered Christmas guide: three alternative table crackers

If you feel like no Christmas table is complete without a cracker and a bang then there are eco-friendly alternatives to the supermarket classic – and they don’t with a useless plastic toy…

For £18.95 this set of ‘12 days of Christmas crackers include a more eco-friendly wooden toy.

These recyclable Christmas crackers come with a snap, hat and a joke – but no gift, for £1.20 each.

Purchase this set of six re-usable crackers for £18 and they will be delivered flat-packed. Each one can be constructed and filled with a gift of choice. Plus the refillable ’snaps’ mean they can be used again and again.

The DIY Christmas cracker route involves saving cardboard toilet roll inserts and rolling them in a fabric of your choice. Fill with a handwritten joke and gift and tie with string at each end. These look festive, but are untied – rather than pulled apart – by each guest, which some would say kind of misses the point, and we’re not entirely sure we disagree at BICBIM HQ…



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Main image: Reusable Christmas crackers, £18 for six, from


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