BICBIM is a celebration of life. We’re all about eating the best foods at home and in great restaurants, discovering new wines and cocktails in fun bars, and dressing to impress in beautiful, stylish clothes.

We simply don’t want our happiness to come at the expense of anyone else’s – so we only feature brands that have human and animal welfare at the heart of their business models. We’re also pretty keen to protect the planet – so we make sure their focus is on sustainability, too. And the best part? ‘Eco-friendly’ and ‘ethical’ companies are much more exciting than these labels make them sound. Stay with us here…

They’re leading the way in terms of quality products and are at the forefront of design, because for them doing things differently means doing things better.

Because it’s Cool, Because it Matters.

So please, use us for inspiration for where to go and what to do, what to cook and what to wear… and, forgive us, if we choose to harp on about all the things that make a product great aside from its integrity.

If it’s featured on our site you can take that for granted.


Because It's Christmas

RiLEY redone track pant V2


Because It's Christmas

Hiro + Wolf, Paisley Bow Tie

Out of stock

Because It's Christmas

Made, Mini Casted Hoops

Out of stock

Because It's Christmas

People Tree, Equality Tee


All recommendations are impartial. We love to hear about quality, ethical and sustainable products, so please get in touch to tell us about them.

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