Why you should refuse plastic straws in your summer drinks

A hot summer’s day, an ice cold drink, a plastic straw…

But why the plastic straw?

Between us Brits and the US, we use 550 million plastic straws every single day.

A single-use plastic straw takes 200 years to break down – into tiny toxic particles. And a lot end up in the ocean.

No wonder campaign groups including Plastic Pollution Coalition and Project 0 are calling on people to #refusethestraw.

Such a simple change, that can have a big effect.

After watching this (pretty distressing) video, which highlights the impact of a overly-polluted ocean can have on its inhabitants, I’m now making a conscious effort to ask for a generous shot of gin and to hold the straw…


Maybe show this post to your local bartender to encourage them to stop putting plastic straws into drinks so frivolously. Crazy cats.

Definitely join the instagram movement with a gorgeous picture of your drink and hashtagging #refusethestraw. Or regram the below.

And if you really miss sipping from a straw, you can always buy a re-useable glass, bamboo, or stainless steel version to keep in your bag or pocket instead.

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