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These premium drinks brands come recommended by top bartenders across the world, and are all available in London. They go to the ends of the earth to source the finest ingredients, and to bring out the best in them. Plus, the purer the alcohol, the easier the hangover (so, we are told...)

  • Abelha


    Spirits with scruples
    Cachaca, Brazil

    Why it’s good: Sugar cane grown 100% organically in the protected national park of Chapada Diamantina in Bahia, Northern Brazil, the sugar cane is turned into Cachaca with a fruity nose and smooth finish by using a traditional copper pot still and artisinal methods.

    Why else: The company work in fair partnership with small holding farmers, teaching them organic farming and paying them a good price for their cane.

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  • Del Maguey mezcal

    Del Maguey

    Spirits with scruples
    Single Village Mezcal

    Why it’s good: Del Maguey is made by individual family producers in the remote villages of Oaxaca, so each bottle has a unique, but characteristically rich, sweet and smoky character.

    Why else: One of the first mezcals to achieve organic certification, Del Maguey also pays more than fair-trade premiums and supports educational programs.

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  • Derrumbes michoacan mezcal

    Derrumbes Mezcal

    Spirits with scruples
    Mezcal, Mexico

    Why it's good: A combination of rich, pungent agaves and ancient production techniques, two species of agave are cooked in an underground stone pits to produce this mezcal – agave Cupreata to bring mature fruit notes, and agave Cenizo to bring more herbal notes.

    Why else: Derrumbbes Mezcal is in the process of getting organic certification.

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  • Fair


    Spirits with scruples
    Gin, Vodka, Rum, Liqueurs, France

    Why they’re good: Fair’s silky and delicate Vodka could practically be labelled a superfood as it is made from organic quinoa seeds sourced from the 3000m high Altiplano plateau.

    Why else: All Fair’s spirits, do exactly what they say on the label – pay fair prices at every stage of the production process and source top-quality ingredients ethically and sustainably.

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  • Solbeso


    Spirits with scruples
    Cacao Spirit, South America

    Why it's good: Derived from the creamy, sorbet flavor of cacao fruit Solbeso is a premium distilled spirit of 80 proof, zesty and full-bodied with an unusually soft finish.

    Why else: A by-product from (but with no resemblence to) the cacao bean used to produce chocolate – Solbeso has created the world’s first organic cacao fruit supply chain, benefitting local communities in remote regions of Latin America.

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  • f9b4e8_d59134f60f83432aa74913507513c1a3

    Spirit of Hven

    Spirits with scruples
    Swedish spirits

    Why they’re good: Meticulous is the only way to describe the making of Hven Organic spirits on the the tiny green island of Hven, and the result is nothing short of… meticulous.

    Why else: As far as Fair Trade goes, these guys even know the name and the salary of the man who cut down the tree used to make their barrels.

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  • Square One Vodka

    Square One

    Spirits with scruples
    Vodka, USA

    Why it’s good: America’s first organic rye vodka has a soft, delicate taste thanks to being fermented with only organic yeasts, natural nutrients… and fresh water. It’s so pure that the vodka is filtered only once, through a micro-paper filter.

    Why else: Distilled Resources Inc, where Square One is made, is part of a local renewable energy program and receives almost 30% of its monthly electrical consumption from wind generated power.

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  • Vulson White Rhino

    Vulson White Rhino

    Spirits with scruples
    Rye Spirit, France

    Why it’s good: Launched in summer 2014, Vulson’s unique approach is to treat rye more like fruit than grain. The organic rye is grown, malted and distilled on site in the heart of the French Alps. The taste is fittingly sweet, fruity and spicy.

    Why else:Everyone who works to produce Vulson is also a partner in the company, including the local farmers.

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