London's ethical food & fashion guide

Fashion is a $3 trillion a year industry. It's the second most polluting industry in the world - second only to oil.

Ethical fashion is created designers who have a passion for quality and an eye for unique design.

Aesthetics come first. Ethical fashion is fundamentally about providing superior quality – and that includes style. Often clothes are made with natural textiles that feel much nicer to wear than synthetic fibres because they let your body breathe.

The best fashion designers care about the impact they are having on the planet. They don’t exploit the environment and don’t abuse human rights in the name of style. They take responsibility for the working conditions of the people in their supply chains. They minimise the damage inflicted on the environment by their manufacturing processes.

You can support this fast-growing ‘fashion revolution’ by buying from brands that offer their workers a better quality of life and the chance of a better future.

Ultimately, fashion is all about personal communication. The question is: what do you want the brands you wear to say about you?

  • Beyond Skin


    Fairer Fashion

    Creating stylish, vegan shoes since 2001, Beyond Skin really have gone above and beyond to keep bringing style and quality to those that care.

    Made in Spain but based in Brighton Natalie Portman, Anne Hathaway, Leona Lewis are a few of the high-profile celebs who proudly wear their designs.

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  • Cred Jewellery



    With a jewellery collection that ranges from fashionable fair-trade bangles for everyday use to engagement rings made with conflict-free diamonds, Cred supports local mining communities, offers complete transparency in their supply chain and bespoke jewellery options.

    Their modest goal is change the world with great design.

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  • Della



    Beautiful prints and textiles are that are handcrafted by a community in Ghana are the staple of this brand that is headquartered in LA, and delivers to the UK.

    They say: “We are not a charity; we are a business done – and doing – “right.”

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  • Gather & See

    Gather & See


    A collection of small-scale hand-made brands that pride themselves on their aesthetics as well as their ethics.

    All garments are handmade, meaning you can trace your item of clothing all the way back to the maker, and guaranteeing individuality.

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  • Luva Huva



    If you’re looking for sexy and sustainable lingerie, then Luva Huva (pronounced Lover Huva) is the brand for you.

    All items are handmade in the UK using environmentally friendly materials, and the models on the website look like real women.

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    Collaborations with the likes of Louis Vuitton, Whistles and Asos bring this artisan brand into the consciousness of mainstream consumers.

    Using traditional craftsmanship, their unique  jewellery and bags tell a story of lives changed through safe, sustainable employment, training and education.

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  • Matt & Nat

    Matt & Nat


    Live beautifully is the motto of this stylish vegan bag brand, who have been experimenting with MATTerials & NATure for 20 years and make all linings out of 100% recycled plastic bottles.

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  • Nancy Dee



    Designed to transcend seasonal trends, Nee Dee uses fabrics that are mostly made from renewable natural sources – such as soya, bamboo and organic cotton – to create contemporary classic designs characterised by softness, drape and stretch.

    Exclusively made in Britain.

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  • People Tree

    People Tree


    People Tree's products are hand crafted in organic cotton and sustainable materials, using traditional skills that support rural communities.

    They say: “For every beautiful garment People Tree makes, there's an equally beautiful change happening somewhere in the world.”

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  • f9b4e8_25606b597d4449b8b07e16b941f8407e



    Cool and edgy, Reformation was created to manufacture limited-edition collections from their factory with a heat-reflecting roof and use of renewable energy in downtown in LA.

    Sustainability is at the core of their business and their aim is to raise awareness abut the impact fashion has on the environment.

    It's free shipping to the UK, but you have to pay VAT (20%) & Duty (Free for goods under £135, 2.5% up to £630).

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  • Seasalt



    If you’re a fan of the British coast and Cornish culture, then Seasalt's striped tops and nautical patterns are for you.

    The brand works with local companies and uses sustainable textiles to create quality clothes that benefit the community and local economy.

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  • Sundried



    Created by surfers and triathletes for sportspeople, Sundried sports clothing feels as good as it looks.

    More than just apparel, they aim to be the lifestyle choice for fitness fanatics who have a love of the outdoors, seek adventure and to challenge themselves.

    As such, they challenge themselves to be the best that they can in every area of design and production. This includes responsibly sourcing materials and making sure workers in the supply chain are respected. The original range was made in Portugal but production is switching to the UK to lower their (already low) carbon footprint.

    So you can be sure of their ethics, every Sundried purchase comes with a unique code that allows buyers to learn about the product and its journey.

    Sundried also sponsor charity Water for Kids, which provides safe water for the first time to communities around the world. If you enter your unique code, Sundried makes a donation to the charity.

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