Whether you shop in the supermarket, are lucky enough to live near a brilliant butcher or get your produce delivered directly to your door, buying food is something that we all do nearly every day – which is why making the right choice is so important.

But what exactly is the ‘right choice’? There’s a wealth of options out there, so we’ve made it our mission to break down everything you need into bite-sized bits of information to help you understand exactly what you’re buying and where it comes from – making cooking sustainably a little bit easier.

In this section, you’ll find guides to what food labels mean; which brands you should always have in your fridge; and exactly what questions you should be asking of your food shops.

In order to cook more sustainably, we’d always advocate shopping locally and seasonally, although we know that isn’t always possible. We want to make it easy for you to stay fully stocked with the most ethical, best-tasting food, whether you’re dashing into the supermarket on your way home from work to strolling through a farmer’s market on a Saturday morning.

Plastic is also a huge concern. Look out for items that don’t come unnecessarily packaged in bags and boxes, or find a plastic-free shop where you can bring your own jars and egg boxes with you.

Fruit and veg like spinach and strawberries are farmed using the most chemicals, so these are always worth buying organically if you can – for your health and for the planet.

If you want to find out more, here’s our guide to cooking more sustainably at home.




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