The Fashion Revolution: would you buy this €2 Euro t-shirt?

Today marks the beginning of Fashion Revolution week, a response to the catastrophic collapse of the Rana Plaza factory complex in Bangladesh that killed 1,134 people and injured 2,500 more, on April 24 in 2013.

Last year, for Fashion Revolution day, a pop-up vending machine selling white t-shirts for €2 was set up in Berlin.

Unsuspecting shoppers inserted their money, and selected their size. Then a short film appeared on the screen, revealing the ‘true cost’ of the t-shirt: a grim snapshot of the appalling working conditions of the person who made it, who is earning less than the minimum wage.

They were given the choice of whether to continue with the purchase or to donate their €2 to a charity supporting exploited workers instead.

What did they do?

Read our article on the Evening Standard to find out…

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