BICBIM is a lifestyle site for people that expect the best. We only feature genuinely ethical food and fashion brands.

We are challenging the status quo of factory farming and fast fashion. We believe business can be done differently and better – and when it is, this enhances the quality of the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the whole buying experience. We believe that consumer power can change the world.

BICBIM is the site for people who like to eat in restaurants where the waiters are as passionate about the providence of food as the chefs. For those that love to experiment when cooking for themselves, and sharing their discoveries with guests. For people who drink at bars where the barstaff make your favourite drink to perfection, and who, by the end of the night, have introduced you to your new favourite.

BICBIM is for people who can proudly reveal the name of the brand when complimented on their clothes (and know that their underwear looks just as good, too).

BICBIM is for people who live life to the fullest – and don’t want their happiness to come at the expense of anyone else’s. BICBIM is a lifestyle choice.

Because It’s Cool. Because It Matters.




We promote the fashion brands created by designers who have a passion for quality, an eye for unique design, and a belief that people shouldn’t be oppressed, and the environment shouldn’t be exploited, in the pursuit of profits from style.


We recommend the restaurants, butchers and brands found in supermarkets that offer the most succulent meat. But, of course, that’s just the start (or, more accurately, the finish)…

Rearing an animal on the food that nature intended – not fattening them up unnaturally and pumping them full of drugs – is the key to producing healthier meat with depth of flavour. Allowing them to roam free on farms and ensuring the slaughter process is quick and humane is how to get meat at its most tender. The rest, chef, is simple…


The fish we prefer is caught using sustainable methods that ensure ocean stocks remain plentiful and minimal damage is caused to the seabed. If farmed, care is taken to mirror the fish’s natural environment and to reduce the impact on natural ecosystems.


Our favourite spirits are created by people who source the finest ingredients from around the globe and have socially-responsible business models, producing premium alcohols that are pure in taste and high in integrity.


Every company on this site has been independently recommended and researched by professionals looking for the truth behind clever marketing and confusing labels, so you can be confident you are buying the best.


It’s always good to get to know who’s behind a brand, so here’s a little about BICBIM’s founder, Lizzie, and what BICBIM’s about…

Our Founder: Lizzie Rivera

Jumpsuit by People Tree.
Bag by Matt & Nat

Hello there,

The journey to creating BICBIM began when I, a failed vegetarian, was challenged to do ‘Meat Free May’, four years ago. A month of abstinence and learning about the horrors of the factory-farmed meat industry led me to search for ethical butchers (from June, of course) and as my knowledge of farming increased, this has gradually expanded into all food and drink (for example, only drinking organic milk).

The search continues to extend – to clothes and beauty, furniture and travel – driven by the belief that companies that offer true quality do so through every step of their business. This means paying staff and suppliers fairly, treating farm animals with respect, and minimising negative impacts on the environment. The research is time-consuming, so I thought why not share it to make life easier for like-minded individuals? That’s when BICBIM was born.

I look for the truth behind the marketing from companies glorifying their ‘green’ credentials. If they don’t meet my standards, they don’t get recommended on the site. If the good outweighs the not-so-good, they might get listed – but the not-so-good will be highlighted so you can make your own decision.

Everyone has their own set of values. Mine are that I don’t want my choices to cost the earth, or anyone their happiness. It’s as simple as that.

So, thanks for visiting. Please get in touch if you have any thoughts or would like to work with us. And please sign-up to our newsletter to keep up with the latest news.